Sun links the earth with a silky ribbon to the heaven

Sliky Milk

Sliky Milk

Friday, November 26, 2010

Every Night I Dream You

Before I go to my bed imagine your face
Every night in my dreams I see only you
All through the night I am dreaming you
No bad dream comes to me because of you
There will be an angel standing beside me
Queen of my dreamland is you! My Honey..!
My all dreams are filled with your beauty
Sparkled with flame of your gentle touch
Concealed by tender and heavenly caress
You never be apart all through the night
I awake with yearning to hold you nearby
It makes my all day more bright and right
In my dreams I am searching but not finding
I lie there thinking about how we are in love
Not enjoying sometimes bringing me to tears
Making me tranquil that you are there for me
Mind is drunk with nectar from heaven above
I fall asleep knowing that you are in my heart
The love that came so late shall keeps me new
My soul flies in cloudless blues and starry sky
You walk in beauty like mellowed to the light
All best of dark and bright meets in your eyes
Nothing between us but only two heart beats
I feel my body that sinks in your silky shawl
My hands are eager to touch you beyond skin
Softness of your cheeks my lips secretly wish
Curves of your hips and lines of your breast
I feel you like a marvelous statue that breaths
Being created a once-and-only masterpiece
Molded by nothing but uncontrolled desires
I dream us kissing among stars in deep blues
Sometimes your heart beating wakes me up
Hearing your voice whispering into my ears
I feel your warm breath spraying on my face
My soul wishing it could kidnap you to me
Stretching my hands thousands of miles away

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Between Happy and Unhappy

When you are with me I am happy

Nobody can steal or rob my feeling

Smiling, cheerful, enjoying, merry

Entertaining uplifted relaxation..!

If you are not standing beside me

I am so unhappy, sad and worried

Just lying on my bed in lonesome

Hanging on the roof with my eyes

Let me keep my ears on your voice

Singing with you my sweet melody

I am only happy with your warm

When I am holding your hands..!

If you are absent in my blossom

My mind is shrunken into agony

I am wasting my life without you

Dying slowly in my endless worries

Even imagination of your arrival

I feel so happy and euphoric sense

Vessels of my body flowing spill out

Nurtured blood with my blissfulness

If you are not able to make me happy

Nobody can do that forever at all

That's why I am worried so much

When I am not feeling your presence

I found the real meaning of ecstasy

It is eternally resided in my heart

You can enhance it's glee day by day

Making me happy with adoring love

If you are away from me for long

I will keep on my depression so far

But my life is not living anymore

It will kill me soon in mercy death

Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Smile Makes My Life to Warm

Once I saw you in my heart
You made my mind happier
When I think and assure that
Never you leave me....ever..!
I felt happiest and highest
When I saw your shining smile
It made me healthy and happy
I could share your feelings
Glowed in your talking eyes
They are full of heavenly love
No body owns it except me
You need my love for happy
Getting free from all worries
Like a silver line in dark clouds
You made my life a paradise
Being the queen of my soul
It is my blood and heartbeat
Smile and be happy forever
It can make my life to warm
You are my dearest lovely girl
Celestial nymph down to earth

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It will last for centuries but until I die

For every little moment you share with me
It is all full of a glorious thoughts of love
Myself is there because of your memories
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every glisten smile you put on my face
It is all full of happiness spilled forever
My life is there because of your gladness
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every funny joke that makes me laugh
It is all full of hilarious events enjoyed
My glee is there because of your sparkle
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every romantic whisper of my name
It is all full of passionate thrilling over
My bliss is there because of your intimacy
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every time together you hold my hand
It is all full of embracing desire kindled up
My ecstasy is there because of your kindness
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every deep kiss that inspired my thirst
It is all full of euphoria clinging in mind
My craving is there because of your lips
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every erotic touch that enchants me
It is all full of delight melted into my blood
My pleasure is there because of your warm
It will last for centuries but until I die

For every divine climax that captivate me
It is all full of heavenly entrances to paradise
My zenith is there because of your serenity
It will last for centuries but until I die

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Legendary Lore of My Love

I am the Momo-taro but not born from a peach
Your love gave methe birth with strong breath
When your love is kidnapped by an evil spirits
I will fight for your love in Island of Ongashima

I am the Urashima-taro waiting for divine turtle
You invited me to Dragon's paradise under sea
My mind is with slow time-cycle of your world
I want to live in your love for three hundred years

You are the Kaguya Hime found came from moon
I am a lunatic in your love wrapped by moonlight
One day even if you try to leave me on a full moon
But I will never let you go back to moon again ever

I am the Hanasaka-jiisan mining for happiness ever
Your heart is the place where I found treasure trove
That is my happiness rediscovered from your warm
My soul became richer with gain of heavenly wealth

I am the Issun-Boshi protecting your love from Ogres
My love is grown bigger and bigger by magic hammer
One day it will be become a huge mountain like Fuji
Then you will be a beautiful lake like Ashi at the bottom

I am the Kini-taro of Mount Ashigara with strong arms
Superhuman golden man who wants to be a great worrier
All this strength built up in your embrace and kindness
Will keep you happy and healthy for ever in my world

I am the Netaro sleeping for three years and dreaming you
Even on a tree I will fall in asleep if I dream you smiling
When only I get your warm I will wake up from the sleep
Keep my head on your lap and kiss my lips to wake me up

You are the Tanabata found while bathing in a forest pond
I stole your robe of feathers and you can't go back to heaven
Once you leave me after find your feather robe hidden by me
I will grow a tall bamboo tree to climb to heaven to reach you

I am the Yosaku praying to Kannon for to be rich in your love
My poor soul is glittered and shined suddenly by the miracle
I was rewarded with a bundle of woven Silk cloth that is you
Because I believe in love and Kannon blessed me to be happy

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Love is Like.....!

My love is like a grain of sand
When I love you enormously
It will create a huge mountain like Everest
But I am not comfortable with what I get
I want to make a planet bigger than the Earth

My love is like a drop of water
When I love you magnificently
It will form a gigantic river like Nile
But I am not contented with what I give
I want to make an ocean larger than pacific sea

My love is like a note of music

When I love you magnificently
It will compose a nice melody like Titanic
But I am not cheerful with what I have
I want to make a sonata better than Beethoven

My love is like only one word
When I love you so wonderfully
It will write a large book like Odyssey
But I am not delightful with what I know
I want to make a library superior than congress

My love is like a single brick
When I love you marvelously
It will build a beautiful palace like Tajmahal
But I am not satisfied what I can make
I want to make a city higher than Rome

My love is like a tiny seed

When I love you brilliantly
It will grow into a huge tree like Redwood
But I am not blissful with what I feel
I want to make a forest greater than Amazon

My love is like a shiny star
When I love you immensely
It will form a galaxy like Milky Way
But I am not peaceful with what I create
I want to make a universe brighter than almighty

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your Love in Five Planes in My Life

I am bound in effect with you physically

Your body is well-matched with mine

That's why I always like to be in touch

It knows what my body needs to undergo

Then it gives the heavenly warm to me

So I love to be in your embrace forever

I uphold our affiliation in physical plane

I am honestly depending on you sexually

Your intimacy is compatible to my desire

That's the reason for always I am satisfied

You realize divine gate of reaching climax

Then it guides us to wonderful sensuality

So I love to be in your pleasure forever

I espouse our engagement in sexual plane

Sincerely I am attached to you mentally

Your mind is well-suited with my mind

That's because always I think about you

It knows what my mind hopes and feels

Then it fulfills the expectations remained

So I love to be in your kindness forever

I defend our association in mental plane

I am genuinely adhered to you emotionally

You are complementing to my happiness

That's why I always seek your empathy

Your heart is full of blood in pure adoring

Then it accomplishes all romances in life

So I love to be in your compassion forever

I sustain our unification in emotional plane